Dmitry Nizhegorodov's Tube Audio Projects, Emacs Lisp Code, Syntax Macros

Tube Audio Projects


Open Baffle Line Array Speakers My high-efficiency line arrays (>100 dB/W/m) built as dipoles with multiple PE 269-469 mounted on concave baffle. [updated]



A mod to EICO HF-60 amplifier permits it to run 6B4G or 6C4C DHTs in no-feedback class A mode. [new]

Flea-Power 6p14p SET Amplifier. A purist's 6N1P + 6BQ5/EL84/6P14P single-watt design.

6F5P Amplifier. Minimalist SET design offering outstanding price/performance.

Maggie Mug: Magnepan 1.6 QR tube crossover, 6SN7 tubes. [new]


SPICE Simulation

Directly-Heated Triode Phono. DHT phono preamp using 3a5 tubes. Split RIAA networks, no NFB. Low distortion. [new]

Direct Reactance Drive Variations. DRD topology distortion analysis and SPICE optimizations, including SPICE-ing Randall-2 amplifier. [updated]

Highly Reactive Loads and SE Tube Amplifiers. Do not drive conventional multi-way speakers with SET amplifiers.

SPICE Optimizations of Ultrapath Line Stage. Popular Ultrapath SPICE-d for distortion and hum with 6gm8/ecc86, 6c45, 6n1p, 6sn7. [updated]

My Favorite PSPICE Tricks. Techniques of effective tube audio circuit simulation.

More SPICE Projects...

Other tube DIY projects coming soon


Emacs and Xemacs Code

Emacs mode for browsing and editing PL/SQL (PLSQL) code called pls-mode. Click To Download.


Syntax Macros and Reflection

Jasper is a syntax transformations system for Java, C, C++.

ECOOP 2000 Talk

ECOOP 2002 Talk


Programming Languages and Programming

Lisp-to-JavaScript preprocessor and runtime library for JavaScript featuring macros and more: lisp.html.
An advanced interactive web playground based on this Lisp system, with various examples, is available [here].
This project was developed in CodePen, its 'pen' is [here]

More programming projects.


Windsurfing and RC Airplanes

Some windsurfing videos and photos: wind.htm

Simulator models of select RC planes: FMS RealFlight


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